Learn Python and help tackle the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

The deal is simple: You donate at least 5€ to the Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and we will teach you Python! 

Python Basic Course

What does this course cover and who can participate?

This course is aimed at everyone that has (almost) no previous knowledge of Python. 

The course will cover the following topics:


  • Variables and types

  • Lists

  • Functions

  • Dictionaries

  • Packages

    • Numpy

    • Pandas

    • Matplotlib

    • Seaborn

When will the course take place?

2. July & 3. July 10:00 - 13:00 

Where will the course take place?

The course can be attended both online and offline.
The location for offline participation is the Seminar Room of the Statistics Institute Seminar room 144, Institute of Statistics, Ludwigstr. 33, 1st floor.


How to register and donate?

The registration is divided into two parts:

1. Register (No Account needed) on Evenbrite down below ​​​​

Enter your details on Eventbrite and register for the course. After you registered you will have to donate 5€ within 2 days otherwise we will cancel your registration.

​2. Donate at least 5€ to the Emergency Help for Ukraine by Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.

Donate at least 5€ to our fundraiser on behalf of the Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.

You can use this link or check your confirmation mail from Eventbrite!

If you do not want your real name from the Eventbrite formula displayed there please use a nickname and send your information to so we can appreciate your donation and save you a spot!

Unfortunately refunds are not possible.

Support and Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us under if you have any questions!

Reading Group

In the Reading Group we discuss scientific papers and try to find new solutions. The topics of the last Reading Group meetings were, for example:


  • The effect of social bias in data on AI training

  • Classic statistics vs. machine learning

  • The P-Value Mantra misunderstandings and alternatives

We look forward to new suggestions on topics, papers or blog entries in the Moodle forum! These can, for example, also relate to R-packages - simply everything that might interest a statistician / computer scientist / ...


It's all in the mix - that's why we do not require entry requirements downwards or upwards; Everyone from freshmen to professors is cordially invited. We hope that this will create a relaxed atmosphere with fresh perspectives outside of the usual formal events.


  • Coming soon...
  • Coming soon...
  • Coming soon...

Data Analysis Group

In the Data Analysis Group we analyse the latest data sets from the data science world. We intend to meet monthly to discuss our findings and elect the best report to put on our website. The sign up link below leads you to a GitHub classroom where you just need to follow the instructions to get your own repository with the current data set already in it. This month it is an earthquake data set from USGS. Have fun analyzing!