About us

“Doing data analysis requires quite a bit of thinking and we believe that when you’ve completed a good data analysis, you’ve spent more time thinking than doing.” – Roger Peng

Our Story

The initiative was started in 2020 by members of the GAF students council at LMU. The goal was to bring bright young minds together and build a platform for education, exchange and innovation. 

We try to realise our values to complete our mission: Data Science for everybody! 


Max Lang

It is my passion to teach my fellow students basic programming as well as data analysis skills. No matter what business field they will work in, data will be a part of it!

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Viktoria Szabo

There are so many fascinating research areas in Data Science. I want the DSA to be a platform, where like-minded people can come together to discuss these topics and find innovative solutions!


David Prokosch

Currently Data Science evolves rapidly, therefore my aim is, that every Student gets a great Opportunity through the DSA to compare and learn these modern skills and methods in a collaborative way.