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Love Ukraine

Coding for Ukraine

Learn Python and help us tackle the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

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Data Science for everybody!

We aim at establishing a platform for ambitious students with special interest in the field of Data Science. 
We therefore educate and connect students from diverse backgrounds to start projects and push the application of responsible data analysis.

Python Courses

We offer (free) Python courses .

Data Analysis Group

We analyse datasets from all fields. Our goal is to motivate students to take initiative and learn together.

Reading Group

We discuss the newest papers and articles out of the scientific Data Science community. We want to target problems and find solutions.


We host several events to inspire and fascinate as many  people as possible for Data Science

Abstract Futuristic Background

Our Mission

Datasets are becoming the new raw material of business.

— Craig Munde, Microsoft

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms:

it is about understanding.
— William Paul Thurston, Mathematician


We want to establish a  diverse and interdisciplinary platform of young and talented minds. 
The Data Science Association Munich consists of students from various disciplines.  We welcome students from technical as well as non-technical backgrounds to develop data driven solutions for real world problems.


We want to provide a basic Data Science education for everybody.  In a modern society data helps us understand, analyse and solve complex problems. Therefore we believe that everybody should understand the basic concepts, ideas and principles of a responsible data analysis. 


We want to create new opportunities for students to start projects and apply the theory learned at university. Therefore we support students to take initiative and realise new ideas .


Our Team


Our team consists of dedicated LMU students who are interested in the interdisciplinary topic of Data Science with the goal to promote it further. 

This also includes curbing the hype around the topic of data science and addressing the mathematical core. Due to the different disciplinary backgrounds of our Team members, it is possible for us to look at the big topic from multiple perspectives.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Our values


We want to contribute to the future of data analysis


We love what we do and hope you do too.

The world as our home

We love diversity and believe it is the key to success.


We are highly motivated and want to reach up to our expectations!


We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Join us
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